Waste heat recycing program worth the wait (via Toronto Atmospheric Fund Blog)

This is a very efficient way of using heat & power. In a comparison by Claverton Energy Research Group, it was found that in a UK case where heat would otherwise be produced by burning fossil fuels in a boiler, micro cogeneration is a more cost effective mean of reducing CO2 emissions than photovoltaics.

It’s been close to five years in the making, but it appears that Ontario is on the cusp of launching a robust standard offer program to develop our significant combined heat and power (CHP) potential.  CHP systems use natural gas or industrial waste heat to simultaneously produce both heat and electricity.  TAF has been a keen supporter of CHP because of its bottom line efficiency benefits – instead of blowing waste heat out an exhaust pipe or st … Read More

via Toronto Atmospheric Fund Blog


About spinningtruth

I have lived in Ontario all of my life. I am a married mother of 2 who lives in a way smaller city than Toronto. No one special, no degree from a University but have my highschool & a really good job for which I am thankful. I love the idea of being, teaching, learning (& more) green. Whether its recycling or reusing, windmills & solar, composting, studying native plants to local areas, I want to learn it all. There is too much 'stuff' going on out there, politically, in the media, groups, lobbyists, corporations ... I am trying to learn the truth about what is going on. All this truth spinning. I am just a regular person, no one special but I am willing to figure through my own little mind, all the pathways & marketing & rebranding & propoganda & perhaps some of the facts that will come to light through my research. Maybe my journey will help my children as I see our future can be bright but perhaps we need to step back, feel our guts again, use common sense & regroup to really see the truth.
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