North Gower resident writes a letter (via NorthGowerWindTurbines)

I would rather deal with wind farms spinning fresh Canadian air than new nuclear or keep on buying that good old dirty coal from the States.

North Gower resident writes a letter One of the questions we are asked is, how do you know that your community group represents a wider view from the community? Well, aside from the several hundred people who signed the petition that went to the Ontario legislature via MPP Lisa MacLeod, and the 300+ families on our e-mail list, and the 125+ people who come to our information meetings, the countless volunteers working daily on this issue, I guess we don't know what everyone is thinki … Read More

via NorthGowerWindTurbines


About spinningtruth

I have lived in Ontario all of my life. I am a married mother of 2 who lives in a way smaller city than Toronto. No one special, no degree from a University but have my highschool & a really good job for which I am thankful. I love the idea of being, teaching, learning (& more) green. Whether its recycling or reusing, windmills & solar, composting, studying native plants to local areas, I want to learn it all. There is too much 'stuff' going on out there, politically, in the media, groups, lobbyists, corporations ... I am trying to learn the truth about what is going on. All this truth spinning. I am just a regular person, no one special but I am willing to figure through my own little mind, all the pathways & marketing & rebranding & propoganda & perhaps some of the facts that will come to light through my research. Maybe my journey will help my children as I see our future can be bright but perhaps we need to step back, feel our guts again, use common sense & regroup to really see the truth.
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9 Responses to North Gower resident writes a letter (via NorthGowerWindTurbines)

  1. “Spinning fresh Canadian air”??? Have you not read about the health effects from living next to an array of these monster machines? Of the damage they do to the environment during construction? Of the birds and bats being killed? The loss of property value? The destruction of rural landscapes and communities?
    Sorry, but you need to do some more reading on this issue, seriously. And to top it all off, industrial-scale wind power will NEVER do what people think: there has been NO reduction of CO2 emissions anywhere in the world because of industrial-scale wind power. The David Suzuki Foundation’s 2002 report ranked industrial scale wind LAST on a list of choices for new power generation because of high environmental impact for very low benefit.
    Please dig deeper: the truth is not in what the Ontario government or the wind industry (or their paid lobbyists like the Sierra Club) are telling you.

  2. No, you are not to accept that report. Look for any indication that the authors even spoke to a live human being about the experience of living next to industrial wind turbines—they didn’t. It is what is called a “review” article, in that all they did was review (selected) papers, including several that were bought and paid for by the corporate wind industry. While Dr King did leave the door open to further study, she concluded that there is no danger to hearing from turbine noise. THAT is not the question: the problem is the noise and vibration that keeps people awake all night, and then sleep deprivation leads to other health problems such as high blood pressure, headaches, and other signs of stress. As for documents about CO2 emissions, you might try and go to documents, then check what’s available on the far right column. A good book to read is “Wind Farm Scam” by Dr John Etherington, of the U.K. He documents the many failings of wind energy development, using the European experience. As to air pollution, what pollution we have in Ontario (not much—air quality has improved dramatically over the last few decades) is from cars, and from industry in the U.S. A professor at the UNiversity of Guelph has shown that closing Ontario’s power plants will make absolutely no difference. You can go to Dr McKitrick also hunts down the Ontario Medical Association’s claim that 9,500 people a year die in Ontario from the effects of air pollution. It is false. It is based on a statistical model which, Dr McKitrick says, if you applied to actual death statistics, it works out that more people died from effects of air pollution than actually died!!
    We’re on the same side here: we want clean air, clean water, and a beautiful province– but giant industrial wind turbine developments that are industrializing our rural communities is not the way to do that.

    • thank you for your information, i am going to read it. i also appreciate and respect your opinion:

      We’re on the same side here: we want clean air, clean water, and a beautiful province– but giant industrial wind turbine developments that are industrializing our rural communities is not the way to do that.

      i’m just a person trying to sort through it all, but yes, i do believe we all need clean air, water & more … 🙂

      • It’s a very complex situation, for sure! I’m a mom too, a nurse, and I live in a small rural community which is about to be turned into a wind factory…I’ve learned a lot!

      • if the ‘government’ was to create a law that allowed residents/farmers/people to have smaller wind producing devices (such as this really kewl ‘squirrel’ cage system i have seen) would you be more agreeable to that? if they changed the rules to allow us to produce our own energy for ourselves! (ya wishful thinking on that on my part bahahahahaha!) 😀

  3. Absolutely, small scale makes the most sense! But, for most it is unaffordable. The cost of solar panels to create hot water for a home, for example, costs thousands. So, instead of paying Samsung out of Korea $7 billion to come to Ontario and put up huge wind turbines (the City of Windsor is also giving them $10 million to build a factory), why not subsidize home owners to install energy-saving and energy-creating technology? But the government didn’t do that.

    • the part that gets me is if we would vote say hudak in, he will dismantle this and yet, in 1999, Harris made a deal that privatized the 407 & sold it to a Spanish company along with an agreement to a further $900 M expansion, which Hudak is talking about now. i am having a really rough time with all these agreements that have been made in the past that seem to keep coming back to haunt us. Doesn’t it make sense to put $900 M back into Ontario to build a proper transportation system (perhaps greenish)? But no, we will be stuck with that in the future, along with driving with our crappy cars on a toll road where the money goes outside of our country. i just want to scream.

  4. Well, that’s a very good point: if the pollution in Ontario is really from cars, why not put money toward better transportation and getting people off the roads? I know they’re promoting electric cars but where does the electricity come from? If they close coal that means natural gas, which has worse pollution than coal (even clean coal) does. Hudak has some good ideas I think but he is going to have a hard time fighting the reputation of the Harris/Eves governments. A friend of mine is a teacher and she’s still angry!

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