Politics, Lobbyists, Money, Capitalism, Winners, Spinners & Losers in Green

I am so sick of it.

Wind is bad.

Hooking up all this green energy is raising the cost of electricity.

These guys are lobbyists, these ones don’t know what they are talking about, bad bad bad negative negative negative.

What I find incredible is the subtext to all these crazy goings on.  In my conversations with many people who work pay cheque to pay cheque, come home, eat, watch TV, sleep & then do it all over again, hoping for good weather on the weekend is that irrespective of their political views, and even at a time when we are all feeling the pinches, people love green and seem to feel good about it.  And why shouldn’t they?

But what fails everyone at this time, is their lack of real & good information.

And I definitely count myself in that category, although I am going to learn as much as humanly possible to get a better understanding of what is really going on.

Irrespective of how good the Green Energy & Economy Act is or isn’t, the one benefit of this piece of legislation is that it has opened the door to greening up Ontario.  I am most certain this legislation is a combination of the self-interest of some to take advantage of green but it is also formed through the undeniable determination of some to ensure a healthier, greener & more prosperous future for all.

No system is perfect.  But this legislation has set forward an ideology that has touched and is increasingly touching the masses.  Green is the way to go.

25,000 FIT/MicroFIT applications before the Ontario Power Authority is most definitely not to be ignored and makes one thing clear: whether a capitalist corporate entity or just a regular joe putting solar on his roof – people want to participate in the ‘new economy’.

I am hoping to see people out there force all the political candidates to offer up viable solutions & ways to improve the GEA and not to destroy it as election day approaches.


About spinningtruth

I have lived in Ontario all of my life. I am a married mother of 2 who lives in a way smaller city than Toronto. No one special, no degree from a University but have my highschool & a really good job for which I am thankful. I love the idea of being, teaching, learning (& more) green. Whether its recycling or reusing, windmills & solar, composting, studying native plants to local areas, I want to learn it all. There is too much 'stuff' going on out there, politically, in the media, groups, lobbyists, corporations ... I am trying to learn the truth about what is going on. All this truth spinning. I am just a regular person, no one special but I am willing to figure through my own little mind, all the pathways & marketing & rebranding & propoganda & perhaps some of the facts that will come to light through my research. Maybe my journey will help my children as I see our future can be bright but perhaps we need to step back, feel our guts again, use common sense & regroup to really see the truth.
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